Issued Permits by City Council District

The Community Development Department (CDD) encompasses Building and Life Safety, Development Engineering, Planning, and Special Program Initiatives. However, each workgroup is interrelated and has a common interest ensuring the built environment is constructed in accordance with state law, local ordinances, and city standards. Although CDD is not the only city department or agency that is involved in development review it is the hub of all permitting activity for development with the City of Stockton and is the controlling agency for the issuance of building permits.   
Building & Life Safety Division
  • Accepts applications,
  • Checks plans,
  • Performs Inspections,
  • Processes building permits, and
  • Responds to complaints.
Planning & Engineering Division
Planning Services
Planning Services is responsible for land-use conformity activities as they relate to the General Plan and Development Code.  These activities include:
  • large and small development projects which range from a 1,000-plus-unit planned development  to a use permit for alcohol sales in an existing restaurant, and
  •  the maintenance of the General Plan and Development Code.
Development Engineering Services
Development Engineering Services is responsible for reviewing and approving development-related public improvements and subdivision maps, and permitting improvements in City streets and sidewalks as well as transportation planning and access management.  These activities include:
  • review and approval of street improvement plans, from small private development projects to major subdivisions,
  • final subdivision map process,
  • lot line adjustment / merger process,
  • reviewing and issuing encroachment permits and transportation permits,
  • as well as approval of street access locations and designs.