About OPDA

Founded in May 2020, the Office of Performance & Data Analytics (OPDA) is dedicated to enhancing the vibrancy and prosperity of Stockton through a steadfast commitment to innovation, accountability, collaboration and transparency. Our mission is to refine city services, making them more efficient in alignment with Stockton’s vision for the future. 
Our Initiatives
OPDA spearheads several key initiatives designed to streamline processes and bolster the City of Stockton’s accountability and transparency:
StocktonStat: A biweekly performance management session that utilizes data to boost city operations’ effectiveness. This initiative emphasizes the importance of accurate, timely data, effective strategies, rapid resource deployment, and diligent follow-up to foster continual improvement in city governance.
City Manager's Review Board (CMRB): Focused on enhancing community-police relations and public safety strategies, the CMRB works towards proactive community engagement, building trust, and shaping police department practices to ensure equitable treatment and accountability.
iLab (Innovation Lab): A dynamic space where city employees come together to innovate and improve municipal processes. By applying methodologies like Six Sigma, LEAN, and Kaizen, the iLab drives cost savings and enhances service delivery across city departments.

Our Values

At OPDA, we are guided by four core values:
Through these initiatives and values, OPDA is setting a new standard for municipal excellence, ensuring that Stockton remains a beacon of operational efficiency and community-focused governance.